From Anne Vervarcke: 


Starting on October 15th this year -the day I’ll become 60- I want to start to walk.

Somehow it is stepping in the next chapter. Since I am a homeopath and I don’t like to wander aimlessly, I want to walk for homeopathy. The plan is still a bit vague but the ‘statement of principles’ is threefold:      Walk   Heal    Link

 The title of the project is:       ‘The next step’

Walk    Why? For me walking is the best way to have contact with and appreciate the beauty of mother earth. Walking in nature is good for the body and feeds the soul. As homeopathy is a holistic healing system that applies natural laws and thus honors the oneness of mind and body and in a bigger perspective the oneness between all beings on earth. The consequence of this is that harm done to one, harms all and healing one, means healing the whole. Whether Bruce takes me to a Walk on the Wild Side or I’ll Walk my Way back to Happiness with Helen or it’s easier to Walk Away with Elton, Gerry assures me I Will never Walk alone… Everybody who likes to join is welcome to walk with me! The plan is to walk 15 to 25 km a day and it doesn’t matter whether you want to walk one day or two or a week or even longer, just let me know. The path isn’t fixed yet but Belgium and Holland are the first candidates, unless more invitations come from England, Scotland, Ireland or any European country. The trails I’d prefer to follow are GR or pilgrim routes or walking trails.

Link     How? En route, I would like to make stops at homeopaths, whether to share a meal and a chat in the evening, whether somebody has a bed for the night to offer or wants to present me with their difficult cases or all of it or something else. There are countless homeopaths, many different approaches and styles but I think we can agree we also have a lot of common ground. We all have a calling or a mission to heal people, we all want to do this with an effective healing system and all the rest are details. In the last 25 years I had the honor and the pleasure to meet so many wise and skilled homeopaths. There is so much knowledge, experience and expertise in our community that I would like to link this together one way or another. Wouldn’t it be great to show what a gigantic body of solid healing theory and practice we’ve built up all together and how many cured patients this represents? Especially in times of pressure and transition we have to join and synthesize in order to make the next step. Anybody who has a message or a contribution, in words or another form for the homeopaths I’ll meet later; for the homeopathic community, for the media or for the society at large, I’ll take it with me and deliver it where you want. In this way I want to try to bring the messages and create links. There is the blog where those interested can follow step by step what it happening. It might grow into a diary or journal of the walk (which has no fixed end…)

Heal       Who? It would be my pleasure if I could bring homeopathy to the patients! When homeopaths invite me to pass by and look at a case, I will gladly prescribe. As a homeopath you carry everything you need inside you, it’s always available and nobody can take it away. If somebody wants me for a lecture, long or short, a seminar or workshop, an information session in the nearby school or local club, for an interview or to answer questions, I’m open for any suggestion. Since there are many homeopaths who gave up their comfortable life to bring homeopathic healing to the poor and the sick in developing countries, I’d be happy to raise funds for those projects. The exact formula is not made but people who want to contribute or who sympathize with the Walk for Homeopathy could donate per kilometer. The money collected with treating patients and giving lectures could be, after my own modest expenses are covered, donated to a homeopathic project, maybe a different one each month.

This is only the first announcement and depending on the response I’ll get, the project will be worked out in detail.  If you want to connect with the project in any way, by walking with me, linking, writing, inviting, learning, sharing, giving a message, donate or share whatever ideas you have: everything is most welcome and will be fitted in an elegant plan by October! (please forward to all homeopaths and organizations!)