AnnewithBackpackEvery action starts with a dream and all dreams look unrealistic in the beginning. What I dream and imagine is that all homeopaths will realize they are true healers who put enormous time and effort into acquiring their knowledge, improving themselves and giving time and space to their patients and therefore they shouldn’t be marginalized but on the contrary they deserve to be honored for that.

As I walk on, meet and link, talk, exchange ideas and report the messages of my hosts I wish homeopaths all over the world would realize they are fortunate to have the knowledge of a true healing system beneficial for mankind, animals, plants and everything on the planet. Their gifts should be available to everybody, as the method is simple and cheap, as well as sophisticated and effective.

By reading about my Walk and the participation of ever increasing numbers of supporters I envision all homeopaths realizing they are all sharing the same purpose: helping people in a holistic way, with respect for nature and natural laws. In fact they share this with all healers and should join forces with other alternative healers and come out into the open together.
By joining and sharing I see homeopaths regaining their self-esteem, giving people the information they have a need and the right to know, demonstrating their magnificent results, claiming the freedom for everybody to choose the healing method they prefer, demanding clean food, water and air for the health of all people, the earth and all it’s creatures.
I imagine they will realize just how many they are, and that it is the yearning of all people to be healthy in mind and body, to live in peace with their fellow beings with the freedom to express themselves. I allow myself to think big while I see the local actions, (like the walks starting everywhere on the 15th of every month) spreading to bigger actions, becoming a wave of awareness, igniting a contagious enthusiasm in healers and their innumerous clients, to come out onto the streets, with countless displays of creative and positive actions. A movement that will join all who feel they want to contribute to a world that is ruled by goodness, justice and beauty.

If enough people just visualized this situation, of being honored as healers, fairly rewarded, finding joy in their capacities and results with their patients, wouldn’t it come into manifestation?