I got so many positive reactions to my first announcement of the Walk for Homeopathy!  I want to undertake this next step in my life , starting on my 60th birthday -October 15, this year. Here is what people wrote:

“Always authentic….”

“I want to support in any way I can…”

“Isn’t it strange, I had a similar idea some time ago…”

“Come by and we’ll have a walk together, a chat, a meal or more, and there is always a bed for you”

“This is a stunning, original and wonderful project. Indeed something that has never happened in homeopathy before…”

“I wish you all the best for it and look forward to watching your blog on what your experiences will be…”

“A great initiative…”

“Wonderful idea!, wish we could walk with you…”

“When your walk takes you towards my home place I’ll organize a meeting with the local homeopathic community…”

What a wonderful project. You would be most welcome here…”

“What an exciting prospect…”

“The next step seems inspiring, refreshing and promising…”

“Please continue, probably it will wake some magical forces…”

“What a lovely idea. I wish you ever success with this I am sure you will have an interesting time and come home with many amazing stories…”

“I am so excited and thrilled to read that. yes! yes! yes!. It’s a wonderful plan…”

“It should be indeed covered in any way, and interlaced with all kind of projects and acts of love and healing…”

“It’s wonderful indeed, my heart swells as I read your letter…”

“Bringing healing, sharing wisdom and connecting are the noblest things a person can do…”

And many, many others, who offered a bed, a shower, a warm footbath, support in any way, success, promised to walk with me when I’m around, a meal, ideas. All I can say is thanks, thanks, thanks!

We are now in the stage of collecting ideas, which is really fun! We invite you to share whatever idea pops into your mind and we’ll decide what we can actualize. So far it goes from bumper stickers (‘Homeopaths do it…..’) and badges, information brochures, lectures in the places where there is a stop, …all kind of local actions: a homeopathic brunch, a school visit, a free clinic on the local market, an interview for the local press, fundraising, surprise actions, artistic contributions (paintings, a choir, knitting, presents, theater), to Homeopathic Urban Knitting and Picnic in the Park.
Everybody can walk, talk, share, join, support, donate, sympathize, inform, play, give ideas, take action, be there!

The start will be on October 15th in the North of Holland and soon the exact route will be published.