By Anne Vervarcke

Last weeks I concentrated on getting het Walk for Homeopathy practically organized. I’m very happy that Christel Lombaerts agreed to be the coordinator; I couldn’t have wished me a better one.  My husband designed a logo and the header, Christel made a Facebook page called ‘WalkforHomeopathy’ and there is a blog: for all the practicalities of the project. We have a detailed trajectory (published on Facebook) for the first few weeks, mailings have been done to the journals and sponsors, my hiking shoes are greased and my good old 30 year old rug sack given for repair.  We opened a bank account for donations and decided on the first homeopathic projects we will support. All the revenues of consultations, lectures, seminars, sponsoring and donations that exceed the costs for the Walk  will be given away. In October this will be to ARHF and in November HHA.

Because there were so many invitations from the Netherlands, I decided to start in Groningen, way in the North and follow a hiking track that extends over 500 km. In Groningen I am invited by Dr. Jean Pierre Jansen. My plan is to come with presents in my rug sack for the people who host me, a few surprises and a few questions. Three to be precise. And the same for everybody. The answers will be put here for you to read and later maybe collected in a book. If they want me to, I can see their difficult cases or prescribe for somebody they really want to help. If they announced my presence, they can invite the local media, or organize a meeting or a lecture or a get together.

Jean Pierre will walk with me on my first day, Monday the 15th,   about 20 km southwards. There Harry van der Zee, chief editor of Homeopathic Links will wait for me. He’ll host me the first night and walk with me to Peter Chappell the next day, where we have consultations and a meeting. The third day they walk with me part of my path for that day.

Doesn’t it sound like a fabulous start? It sure does to me.
Many invitations keep coming in, people and organizations announce it on their Facebook page, or website, lots of people send their support, wishes and blessing.
Everybody counts! Everybody can do something! This is the challenge: Care, Dare and Share!