As the rumor is spreading and more and more people are getting excited about the project, I might as well give you some more details on the first days.

The 13th of October I’ll have a little birthday party with my beloved partner, children and grandchildren, and the day after I’ll take the train to Groningen which is about a 6 hours journey. Jean Pierre Jansen and his wife Marina organized a big meeting that day. They invited 20 people, homepaths, naturopaths, colleagues  from the university of Groningen  and members of national and international health care committees for a panel discussion. In case you don’t know JeanPierre Jansen, here’s his CV:

 He’s born in the Netherlands (1954), made his MD thesis on the psychosomatic aspects of sinusitis and  worked as a breathing therapist until 1987. From then on he worked as a homeopathic physician and added neural therapy in 2005.
Since 1993 he conducts provings, organized a local homeopathic course and spoke in international seminars in various European countries up to 2005.
He  cooperated in scientific research  in Homeopathy since 1996; the quality of homeopathic provings since 1997, CAM research  since and premenstrual syndrome some 5 years ago.
Then he coordinated and taught a course on CAM for medical students and was c
o-editor of Homeopathic Links between 1995-1997.
He also is the c
oordinator of the Subcommittee for Provings of the European Committee for Provings ECH  and is a board member of Dutch Association for Neural and Regulation Therapy, 2010-2012.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Sunday the 14th after the meeting  there will be a buffet and a concert. I am honored to be exchanging ideas with all those specialists. Next morning Jean-Pierre and  Marina will officially start the Walk for Homeopathy with me and be the first to take The Next Step. After about 20 km walk, we’ll arrive in Zuidlaren where Harry van der Zee will wait for us. I don’t think I have to introduce Harry but for those who don’t know him:

Harry van der Zee has been a homeopathic doctor since 1987 and ever since worked in his homeopathic practice in the Netherlands.
He has taught homeopathy all over the world, published a book on homeopathy that has been translated into six languages, and has been editor of Homoeopathic Links, the international journal of classical homeopathy, since 1996.
After having heard about Peter’s work with HIV/AIDS in Africa, he decided to visit Africa himself and test the claimed results. Together with his colleague Corrie Hiwat he travelled to Malawi in 2004, interviewed dozens of AIDS-patients that had previously been treated by Peter, documented their cases and compared these with their previous case-records.
The conclusion he and Corrie reached and published December 2004 was clear: PC1 for HIV/AIDS works in all cases. Based on this he decided to dedicate part of his time to support Peter’s projects in and outside of Africa.
With the help of researchers from European universities he developed a protocol for further studies on PC1 for AIDS.

Together with Corrie he edited The Second Simillimum, a book explaining Peter’s discovery and its results.

I’ll be Harry’s guest that 15th of October and am looking forward to a nice small birthday celebration in the evening.

The 16th he’ll walk me to Peter Chappell, who currently lives in Holland.  I don’t think I have to introduce Peter either, but just in case:

Peter was previously involved as the creative driving force in putting resonance healing in the form of homeopathy on the map in around fifteen countries where previously it did not exist.
During this time, he worked in and ran master classes and teaching clinics in many diverse countries and cultures, for example, Beirut in Lebanon, Cairo in Egypt, Honduras, Sarajevo in Bosnia, Novi Sad and Belgrade in Yugoslavia, Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic, Bucharest in Romania (including an ongoing clinical program offering treatment for free in twelve orphanages housing thousands of children), Sofia in Bulgaria, Bratislava in Slovakia, Budapest in Hungary, Malta, Alchopa, Nicaragua, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Zagreb and Split in Croatia, Malta, etc.
Peter discovered, in 2000, that his burning, overwhelming, heart-felt passion was to do something about HIV and AIDS. However, there was no logical reason why he should stand any chance at all to do this so he mentally resisted this notion for a year.
In July 2001, he finally understood that this was his only life goal and set about achieving it. He extended his mortgage, quit his UK practice and went to work in Ethiopia in October 2001.
In early 2002, after a lot of experience seeing AIDS patients in Ethiopia, a lot of thought, and whilst working with AIDS patients in a clinic there, he managed to reinvent resonance healing in a new way such that it revitalised the immune system. With this new form of healing/resonance, relatively healthy people of all ages with AIDS improved within two weeks. People began to get up from their beds and started improving. Slowly it became clear that everyone improved, almost without exception.
The clinical test results became more and more certain with time, and this process is ongoing. People all over Africa recover reliably from AIDS with this system.
From these results, Peter and his colleagues are now applying this new approach to work for all diseases with already some remarkable successes.

He invited homeopaths in the neighborhood and the plan is to do some consultations, especially to check out the remedies I can intuitively prescribe. Harry and Peter also will take the occasion to present their new book: “Homeopathy for Diseases”. In the book they reveal the long kept secret how the PC remedies are made and explain why and how. I’m reading through it now and it is a fascinating report of their experiences and successes. No homeopath can afford to ignore this book or the facts described in it.

I’ll hang out another day with Peter and then Harry and he will walk with me from Zuidlaren southwards along the hiking trail (Pieterpad that is 500 km long, from the upper northern coast of the Netherlands to the southern point.

This is an exciting and promising start and I’ll let you know how the following days will be organized!

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