Last days have been very busy with teaching: last Saturday I gave a lecture on ‘Common Misconceptions’ when applying the sensation method. I was happy to find Rajan Sankaran’s latest book ‘The Synergy in Homeopathy” very synergitic with my Vital Approach  (for example in concepts like: follow the patient, the vital sensation can be spotted on all levels, don’t choose any so called sensation word in the beginning of the consultation, without classical foundation one can’t understand the vital disturbance concept, don’t overemphazise the hand gestures, etc)

After a free webinar for Wholehealthnow about the Walk, An van de Moortel in San Francisco and I had the first Master’s Apprentice Class where she took the case and I followed and analysed with her from Belgium. The Homeoversity platform turned out to be excellent to have people from all over the world participating live. We were all thrilled about the new format and on top of that: what a beautiful case we had!

Last night Debbie Bruck invited me as guest speaker on the Walk for Homeopathy for Nissan Communications. If you missed it: here’s the link: