The last days before the start of the Walk for Homeopathy were filled with thousands of things-to-do. Besides professional obligations and the organization of the trip day by day, there is that difficult to describe, yet important other aspect: the meaning of all this in my personal life. I could have become 60 in silence, meditating over my new phase in life, that is symbolized by each new decade. Even if we don’t feel our age – and who does?- a lot of images are linked to it, whether we like it or not. So a birthday with a 0 in it easily gives rise to contemplation. Pondering over it, the first idea that popped up in my mind was that when one reaches 60, it’s time to do what one really wants and likes. My mother dreamt all her life of sailing on a cruise and postponed it until she didn’t feel like it anymore. What I would really like is: walking.
Enjoying the physical sense of wellbeing it brings, the beauty of nature, the stepping out of the daily routine and to have the freedom and space to contact the inner world. I could have walked and keep quiet. It would have done me good, I’m sure, and after I’d have enough of it I could have picked up my daily work, feeling replenished and revitalized. But since I feel homeopathy is an integral part of my life, I somehow wanted to frame my walk into a bigger good and hence walking for homeopathy seemed the perfect combination. The unfolding of this idea was the work of the last months. Now on the eve of bringing the plan into manifestation, I admit it hadn’t been easy all that time. I had my worries, my doubts, my hesitations. How would the idea be received? Would there be response at all or would people shrug and ignore it? Would it be possible to get the idea in a format, would the message not be overshadowed by the messenger and what is ‘The Next Step’ anyway? But reactions came to my announcements of the plan and still come from all over the world! Warm, enthusiastic, supportive words, invitations, wishes and blessings. With so much positive energy surrounding me, I realize every step I’ll take is for the whole community and it will leave a trace for all of us. So I won’t walk alone. And although it means stepping into the unknown, Harry wrote it is normal to feel a bit nervous. And I surely remember the other wise words he wrote: ‘Love what happens’. I think that’s an excellent mood to face the things to come. My camera is packed and I’ll provide you with pictures of the happenings along the way. But there is one I can’t wait to share! Tomorrow my next book will be issued: a little gift book called “Homeopathy is Everywhere”. Here’s the cover: