Because this day I was going to walk alone with my too heavy rug sack and I had so much work piled up from the last days, I decided to take the bus to the next B&B and spend a nice quiet day there. In this way I could do my mails, the requests for remedies and write about my adventures so far.

When I finished my breakfast the lady asked where I was heading today. I told her I thought about taking the bus. She said it was going to be a most fantastic warm and sunny day, maybe the best we’ll have. I could always walk until halfway and then take the bus. Couldn’t I see what a beautiful morning it was?
And so at 9 ‘o clock I left the house with a rug sack on my back and a smaller one with my computer, camera and some other stuff on my belly. I could give it a try. The hike today was 24 km: too long anyway. But indeed the fresh morning with wisps of vapor rising from the fields in the first warmth of the sun was not to be missed. I stepped into the woods. In the beginning my ankle was painful but luckily that subsided. I was pondering over the feeling of fragility that slowly crept in as I approached age 60. When I was younger usually hiking resulted after a few days in a glorious feeling of being strong, what did I say, in being invincible. Maybe this belonged to the past. And anyway this rug sack was too heavy.
The woods were silent, smelled refreshing, the light was pouring through the leaves. Not one time I lost my way: when one is alone there is less distraction. By noon I arrived nearby the first village where I could probably take a bus. My clothes were soaked from sweating but I felt in good shape. I decided to walk the one extra kilometer to the village to eat something but then return to the path and continue. Since this was already a bit further than halfway, why then not do the whole trip?
On a sunny terrace I had a soup and started, maybe a bit overconfident at the second part. The legs were OK but the shoulders protested. But because I started the hike to the final destination of today, Sleen, I had no choice but moving on. There were moments that the beauty of the woods was overshadowed by the aches here and there but all in all I felt capable of doing the trip. And so I did!
The last three kilometer the bus took me to the B&B that turned out to be a little bit outside of Sleen. And here I am, all smelly from the perspiration of the day and painful shoulders but with the satisfaction of somebody who made it.