I can’t remember when was the last time I had a long lazy morning in a bathrobe, legs on the chair, with a cup of coffee, and then another cup of coffee while having a good conversation with two colleague homeopaths: sheer pleasure!

By 10am, we thought it was time to go but as it was raining, Harry took us in the car and brought us to a pub nearby where we had a piece of apple pie and another cup of tea, looking over the river and waiting for the sky to clear up. Gabriëlle who was going to be my companion for the day, already took my rug sack to the next B&B where she left her car. I suspect them to have agreed behind my back that, with my knee and too heavy luggage I was to be kept an eye on and if possible to be prevented from doing stupidities. It was noon before we decided the weather was good enough and Harry guided us through the area he turned out to know very well. When the company is good, the hours fly.


Along the way I asked Harry the four questions. In fact I already knew the answer to one of the questions: as he repeated yesterday: the case of the HIV man who was treated with PC1 and changed from depressed and feeling unloved into pure love for all and everybody. This was an impressive case shown on the Crossing Bridges Conference in Holland some 10 years ago. I’ve seen that case. A touching example of a similimum at its best.  For Harry it was enough to decide to take a closer look at the PC remedies…. and the rest is history. He recalled another case of a woman with deep suffering and many mother issues.  The remedies Harry gave acted well but didn’t touch the heart of the matter. There didn’t seem to be occurrences in her life explaining such intense pain. It turned out that her parents were holocaust survivors though and then Harry decided to give PC Genocide. He saw a completely different person a few weeks later. His message is the homeopathic community should take into consideration the importance of collective trauma, ‘miasms’ and issues in their cases. We now overlook this crucial aspect, while with the inclusion of PC remedies for collective problems (also Toxines, CFS, Rape, etc) in our clinics our results could improve dramatically.

I realized too late I haven’t asked Peter my questions. He bicycled into the night the 16th from the restaurant where we had dinner last night and in two day she is moving to England. I will have to ask him later.
Gabriëlle and I arrived some 4 hours later in our next stop. It was a stroll through a magnificent nature reserve with heather, mores, woods and millions of mushrooms. The weather was soft and the forecast was even better: up to 20 degrees!
Our B&B turned out to be an organic shop with an artisanal cheese factory. And a bathroom with a bath! What more can one wish?