Gabriëlle Zeevenhoven gave the ‘Walk for Homeopathy’ flag to Dineke van der Horst, who decided only yesterday to join me. She picked a great day for walking: soft and sunny weather and a gorgeous path through woods and along mores. The colors of autumn were at their best: yellow, burgundy, red and purple. We hardly saw a living soul on our hike, except from cows, sheep, horses and goats.




Not later than 4 PM we arrived at the village of our destination and found a place where we could have a cup of tea on the sunny terrace. It was time for Dineke to leave. During our walk I asked her my 4 questions. An acute case of a man in great pain, who already was seen by a dentist and in the emergency in the hospital and who came to her is despair, cleared in less than half an hour after a dose of Hepar. Seeing the miracle of this unbearable state subsiding within minutes was for her the most impressive homeopathic experience. Her ‘homeopathic mystery’ she’d rather call it an awe for something out there that contains the potential of healing in a person when the pictures match. The message Dineke has to give was in line with that amazement: to realize the beauty of all creatures and the creation.