The weather didn’t look too promising when Jean Pierre, Marina and I waited for Marieke van Drooge, my first companion to arrive with the little train in Bedum. It rained a lot that night and now it was gray, windy and wet.  We attached the ‘Walk for Homeopathy’ flags on our rug sacks and with our guide of the Pieterpad in hand Marieke and I took off.

Halfway the morning the sun broke through the clouds and we were taking off layers: shawls, sweater and coats. The path took us to beautiful landscapes. Sometimes we were so much into our conversation we missed the signs a few times. In this way we added to the trip that was already 20 km at least another 5. And although I took out stuff of my rug sack the very last moment because it weighted too much, it was actually still too heavy with the computer, camera and some ‘promotion material’ in it. Just as we arrived at our destination I got a nasty pain in my knee and thought this was the end of the Walk. Embarrassing as it was I stumbled into the village and half an hour later in Harry van der Zee’s car.

Since it was my actual 60th birthday today, Margreet prepared a wonderful meal for us and Peter Chappell joined the party.

And of course we had most interesting conversations about life in general and homeopathy in particular.  As happened yesterday as well, we had to urge each other to go to bed because it was a long day, already past midnight again and there was a busy day waiting tomorrow.

By mail, messages, cards, life or on Facebook and blogs came innumerous congratulations. Never before I received so many birthday wishes, presents and celebrations. Thank you, thank you, thank you all.