Stepping out of the maelstrom of daily life, one easily loses track of what day it is. Because today we arrive in what you could call a small city and the streets were deserted as after bomb alert we realized it must be Sunday.

Was it only two days ago I made the long walk alone through the woods from Schoonlo to Sleen? It seems so much longer. My little travelling guide said it was about 24 km and I decided that I had too much work to do and needed to take the bus to have some time. The blogs and Facebook waited for some news feed and pictures, there were lots of mails,  a few interviews promised, people waiting for remedies…. I couldn’t possible afford to let this pile up even more. So I planned to ask the lady of the B&B at breakfast about the nearest bus. She prepared a coffee and asked where I was heading today.
‘Well’, I said, ‘I’m thinking about taking a bus…’
‘But it is such a beautiful morning!” she said.
I could see that! It was a sunny morning, the wisps of vapor were steaming from the fields under the first sunrays and I really felt I shouldn’t miss that.
‘It’s going to be the best day of all’, she said. ‘You can walk halfway and take the bus there.’
And so I put my rug sack on my back, the laptop and some stuff on my belly in a smaller bag and happily walked into the woods. The air was crisp, the trees smelled fresh and filtered the sunlight, innumerous mushrooms poked through the soft green moss, drops of dew drying in cobwebs…it was a delightful day indeed. And though bags were heavy but after the noon break on a sunny terrace I decided to walk the other half of the trajectory as well and arrived tired but happy in the next B&B.

Wouter de Vries, the editor-in-chief, whom I only knew from mails and telephone, arrived with a colleague journalist  John Reijnders from the journal “Homeopathie Magazine”, a publication from the KVHN that has over 5000 readers. They were interested in my project and wanted to get some more information. As we talked, the hours flew by and almost to our own surprise we arrived at my next stop and said goodbye. The view might not have been as beautiful as the day before, the conversation surely made up for it. One of the best ideas John launched was that it would be great if in every country I come, somebody would take over the responsibility for the continuation of the Walk. This could be by keeping on walking or organizing a Walk for a month every year or any other format in which the idea could be spread.
I can’t think of any better effect of my action. Just imagine that in every country where I walked for a few weeks, somebody would take it over from me. They could then contact the other organizers from other countries and link together…. With this promising idea and bruised shoulders I fell in a happy deep sleep.