What is your most amazing homeopathic experience?

Well I’ve had many amazing homeopathic experiences. Personally I had a self-realisation lasting 10 years after my first homoeopathic remedy where I saw myself exactly as I was stripped of all delusions, and the realisation that I was absolutely perfect in that state. And that that probably applies to everybody.

The next two amazing experiences related to the treatment of AIDS in Ethiopia with PC 1 when the first five patients returned totally improved and a similar situation in Rwanda after the successful treatment of genocide. I did a jig after the Rwanda experience which I think is an expression of pure joy.


 What is your biggest homeopathic mystery/enigma?

Well I think I’ve cracked it and it relates to a vital force and individuality. I now understand that the vital force represents the Buddha in us and individuality in terms of our mind body is in fact an ego delusion. 

What did homeopathy bring you?

While it’s been my life and my mission and everything and it has become the means by which I became aware and live this life purposefully and I’m still doing it.

Do you have a message/vision?

My message and vision is that homeopathy is a complete system of medicine and it’s time we started articulating a new vision about disease. The vision is that diseases are intelligent forces for the good and we have to learn to work with them and not fight them, and to learn how to recover and fulfil the purpose of the disease. We have to start speaking loudly and clearly about this every time we get an opportunity. We have to change the paradigm of the public’s perception of disease and the medical professions perception of disease.