Fred Vergote’s answer to my four questions is a rather poetic evocation right from the heart:

The ‘most fantastic homeopathic experience’ happened so many times: “When I saw, years ago my own symptoms disappear within days after a remedy, a boys warts falling off the day after, a child in coma opening it’s eyes and starting to talk only a few hours after a dose, a boy with severe meningitis, still dull, trembling, restless and suffering from bad headaches becoming active and angry after the remedy, medicine resistant infections clearing in only a day….

I learned to accept the limitations of myself and the method and understood that I can cure sometimes, heal and help often, always comfort. Many times I was touched, because I stayed open, in awe and wonder. I was touched many times and felt gratitude for witnessing this.

Homeopathy was and is a source of joy, like an oasis in a gloomy world, a hidden treasure in everyday life. Never routine or protocol but always a quest for the magical medicine.

In the midst of all the toxicity in the air and the earth, homeopathy is in close harmony with organic food (and at best combined with supplements).

Homeopathy changed my life, taught me self-acceptance and responsibility, and to act from free will rather than out of duty or thoughtless advice.