Anne Matton

What is your most amazing homeopathic experience?
It’s always a pleasure when there is a total, deep and lasting cure. The boy of 13 years old who took beta blockers because of his almost daily migraine. Six weeks after his homeopathic remedy he is free from headache, sleeps well and doesn’t think about death anymore. Or the lady with a burn-out which she had for month’s by then. One dose of a remedy and she feels freed (of course a bird-remedy). And the lady who was already checked in and outside in the hospital because of her very offensive perspiration. It stained her clothes and towels black. A mystery for the specialist but I remembered during my study 20 years ago: ‘perspiration, staining the linen’. So I gave her Nat-m because of the story she told me and within two weeks it was all gone! These are the miracles I work for and are in my opinion only possible with homeopathy.

What is your biggest homeopathic mystery/enigma?
The most difficult part of homeopathy for me is why it brings to one person a beautiful, quick and full cure and for another person it’s such a long process. Why isn’t it as easy for everybody? I think that the more remedies are available (and information), the more people I can help cure. So I think I’ll have to study till I die…

What did homeopathy bring you?
Doing my first job I knew for sure: I won’t be doing this until I retire. Homeopathy brought me balance. It’s a therapy which fits my character. The contact with, listening to the stories of people, trying to find a remedy as a solution. And maybe in the future we have to work until age 70 before we can retire: no problem!

Do you have a message/vision?
I’m not so much an activist, I only try in my practice to cure as many people as possible. A homeopathic hospital would be very nice but I would be glad when we reach the status of let’s say a physiotherapist here in Holland. When you have problems with your muscles or joints, the doctor will send you immediately to them. It would be beautiful if every patient with vague/chronic/emotional complaints is send to a homeopath. I think it will make us healthier and the costs for sickness much lower. And this will be a big step forward in working together.