Lous Wijnkoop: “It is not easy  to answer your questions without ‘overkill’. Homeopathy is magic to me. But I am going to give it my best shot, here goes:

 What is your most amazing homeopathic experience?

My most amazing homeopathic experience is waking up in the night after taking a remedy and – somehow – being aware of something BIG going on in my body, in my mind. A kind of turn. And I remember thinking: “Wow, this is none of my – conscious – business, I better get back to sleep and not disturb this process.” I went back to sleep and… I never had another migraine after that night. And then there’s the cures I have seen in my practice, disappearance of complaints people have had for years…

 What is your biggest homeopathic mystery/enigma?

The biggest mystery about homeopathy for me is why it has not been embraced by more individuals.

 What did homeopathy bring you?

In many ways, on many levels, homeopathy contributed to my life: it gave me better health, it gave me a profession, which is a passion and an inspiration. It gave me friends, love and laughter. It gave me puzzles to solve, it made me even more curious than before. In short: it gave me the life I am leading today. I experienced that homeopathy can redirect the course of one’s life. Homeopathy gave me happiness with a purpose.

 Do you have a message/vision?

My message is: let’s spread homeopathy in every way we can. Some can spread it widely, some on a small scale. Let’s make people aware of homeopathy, curious as to what homeopathy can do for their health, for their lives. My vision is that homeopathy will be regarded with much more respect, especially in the western world, and that homeopaths will continue to improve health on this globe.