Looking out of my window this morning, the world was white.

It was snowing!03122012203
That is a little worrisome for the third trajectory of the Walk, planned to start within two days. I’ll walk to Nijmegen the 5th, teach life cases in Groesbeek on the 6th and then walk to Driebergen the next 5 days. The exact tracks are on the blog http://walkforhomeopathy.wordpress.com/
On the 12/12/12 (!) we’ll have a celebration in Driebergen for the roundup of the walk in the Netherlands. On this occasion we have invited all ‘pillars of the homeopathy’ in the Netherlands to come. The celebration is to honor them for their work, offer them a drink and a snack  and an ‘award’. They’ll get a present and the total sum ( 2145 euro! Thanks you all!)of the donations of the first round will be handed to a representative of ARHF. At the end of the celebration we will release balloons with our homeopathic wishes.
And it would be great if somebody volunteered to be responsible for the continuation of the Walk in the Netherlands and I could hand over the flag.

But first I need to look up the weather forecast and go shopping: a body warmer, extra gloves, hand warmers…