The most fantastic experience?
What I value more is the daily homeopathic experience – seeing people grow step by step, the process of healing which can take a long time but which is so satisfying.  Of course now and then the intermezzo of a fantastic rapid healing is a beautiful bonus.

The biggest homeopathic mystery?
There are a lot of homeopathic mysteries or maybe we should see them as miracles. Paper remedies is one of them – I was very sceptic in the beginning but after trying and seeing the results I was totally convinced. In this time that the availability of homeopathic remedies is getting so restricted and hampered this is one of the ways of generating homeopathic remedies that will always be available and cannot be taken away from us.

Seminar- and dreamprovings is for me another mystery and miracle, I have done a lot of them and it is so awesome to see the deep results in a few days of a proving done this way. Also a phenomenon like people getting provingsymptoms already weeks before the proving, by the germans called “prüfen im Vorfeld”, is another mystery but also a fact.

This must be in the same line as Anne having the ability to know the remedy for a patient “im Vorfeld”.
These things can only be explained if you see homeopathic remedy as information  and assume the existence of parallel universa (where there is no past or future, but everything happens at the same time).

What did homeopathy bring to you?
Homeopathy is one of my biggest passions and a passion brings purpose, joy and enchantment in life. And a passion is for life, till the day you die – retirement not possible. Homeopathy in the long run is getting into a way of life – you can see homeopathic clues in every corner of life, be it in a book, movie, on the street, all (more or less) stressful situations in life and  wherever else (psychotherapy and even in regular medicine).

A vision or a message?
My vision for the future of homeopathy is very promising and inevitable. Homeopathy is the healing method of the near future – especially in this era of information technology. Homeopathy is information technology – you can send a homeopathic remedy via email (ao Benveniste did a lot of research on this). You can store remedies on a hard disc. The scientific evidence in favor of homeopathy (double blind trials) is not any less than the evidence for allopathic medicine (Lex Rutte).

It is only prejudice and an utterly unscientific attitude that prevents homeopathy to take the place that it deserves. But it is inevitable that the day will come.