What is your most amazing homeopathic experience?

Huib Wijtenburg: My own most amazing experience was when I took Cocainum 200K in the Himalaya mountains at 4300 meter where I suffered of severe high-altitude sickness. I reacted well in 15 minutes. I had the idea that it saved my life.

A patient with stomach complaints  I gave China. In the hospital they found a swelling of the liver and the spleen, without clear aetiology. She reacted well, not only physical but also emotional and mental. Her relationship with her mother became better. Soon after that her mother told my patient the pregnancy was unwanted and she tried to abort herself  with a high dose of kinine (=China).

What is your biggest homeopathy mystery?

That a homeopathic remedy is information and this information is at every time of the day present all over the world.

What did homeopathy bring to you?

It makes me more and more subtle. It brings me closer to love.

Do you have a message?

Let us accept the fact we all have a different approach to homeopathy, let’s help each other and make each other wiser with our knowledge. For the outside world though one explanation about homeopathy is preferable!