Peter kleinWhat is your most amazing homeopathic experience?
Well many, but a recent one comes to my mind:
A patient with Psoriasis Guttata, a severe special form often after infections with Streptococcen, had been treated with every possibble allopathic medicine, even with so called Biologicals as Humira (€ 600 per 2 weekly injection) and Stelara, € 9000 per injection.  3 of those nearly killed him. The only thing wich helped was staying in Spain, (sun and sea) he had to live there as whtin 3 days coming back to Holland gave a relapse. After 1 week Med. LM4 the psoriasis cleared up and could now stay in Holland for extended periods. 

What is your biggest homeopathy mystery?
Why homeopaths, including myself,  often don’t show clear reactions to homeopathy.

What did homeopathy bring to you?
It gave me a profession  to practice a passion.

Do you have a message?
We should respect every one who practicisis whatever form of  medicine wth zeal and dedication to mankind.

The next question I asked myself: Do you have a dream or vision relating to homeopathy?
That homeopathy has the the same availability to everyone as allopathy.