EXIF_IMGOn my path I meet homeopaths I know and new people, and if possible I try to catch up with some I haven’t seen for long. Gilbert Denys, creator of Homeoden in Gent is one of those. Over a good meal in a nice restaurant we exchanged the ‘latest news’, which meant going back in time.  We reminisced about the  beginning years of homeopathy in the ’80s, when Gilbert started his production of homeopathic remedies, which were not available in Belgium till then. It was him who bought the first homeopathy book and started a library and a training for homeopaths.

He wrote his thesis about homeopathic potencies and researched Hahnemann’s writings meticulously to understand what exactly was meant . He lived through all the changes, the rise of homeopathy, then being overtaken by Heel, by Dolisos, and Boiron. Even his unique library was sold but it still exists and can be consulted.
He taught at the CKH -the lecture on potencies, what else!- and still works in his well-known and successful pharmacy in Gent. Although the situation for homeopathy is rather bleak in Belgium, he is convinced that homeopathy will become The Medicine in the future: it is effective, cheap and relatively easy; so there is no way to stop or conceal this forever!
It was an honor and a pleasure to listen to his stories again.

In the evening there was the ceremony in Jean Luc and Marcia’s beautiful place, a renovated farmhouse. After the speech, distributing the Hahnemann poster to the homeopaths, giving them a symbolic flower as representatives of all the homeopaths who deserve to be honored, we had a glass of champagne… and then the party started and we danced way into the night….