These three days walking alone the weather was spoiling the pleasure somewhat.  Rain is the most unpleasant for hiking, even with a plastic poncho that covers rug sack and all and make me look like Quasimodo.

It was flat, grey and silent these day. People stay inside if they don’t need to go out. Walking in the drizzle, almost between the drops, it occurs to me that the Walk is an ongoing lesson in trust: things always seem to turn out well. The rain became less when I started and heavier after I arrived at my destination. All in all I kept warm and dry.
A few deer leaped over my path,  birds of prey slowly soared in the misty sky, woodpeckers drilled in the trees and some distant ducks guffawed with the latest jokes. While walking my thoughts came and went like clouds. I don’t know whether other people have these inner dialogues as well, but I suppose they do. Anyway, that’s how it is for me and I’m not always sure who is talking….EXIF_IMGWhen I opened my eyes this morning the first thing I saw from my hotel room were snowflakes dancing before the window. Last week it was 16 degrees, now zero and next week minus five. The weather became so whimsical that we might give the warning about geo-engineering at  a second thought. Though when I mention the topic my interlocutors tend to get the same vacant look in their eyes as when I mention homeopathy curing AIDS In Africa.

After the long tracks of last days, I walk 15 km in one go in less than 3 hours now. The wet fields, the bare trees, the closed snowdrops and the slow birds all seem to sing a sad song: spring is not coming. In my head The Earth Song of Michael Jackson  is sounding: what have we done to the world?

I pass by the majestic windmills, by slow turns making wind visible, spreading their wings while breathing regularly their powerful breath. When legs are made for walking and grounding, then arms are made for giving. And embracing.EXIF_IMG

Jeremy and I talked during the brunch in Berlin about the success of the book:  “Homeopathy for Plants” from Christian Maute, for which sale numbers prove the huge interest.  Of course, as homeopathy is cheap, safe and effective, all farmers and ‘green hands’ want it. Maybe that is the unexpected corner from where homeopathy will be fueled:  plants! Are plants not the alpha and the omega of life on earth?  They better come to our rescue then…