Jeremy Sherr in AfricaWhat is your most fantastic homoeopathic  experience?

JS: There are hundreds of experiences that  have blown my mind and given me great pleasure. All those amazing cases, seeing the picture emerging in a new proving; every time I teach – especially in the Dynamis School, being in Africa and treating the people there, the  first Pan African Homoeopathic Conference we organized…. It’s been one long high for 35 years.

What is your biggest homeopathic mystery?

JS: Well, Murray Feldman and David Mundy, both homeopathic teachers and good friends used to say that the biggest mystery in homoeopathy is why Sulphur doesn’t work on Jeremy Sherr. For me it’s the provings: how deep they can take you into exploring the universe, especially the Noble Gasses, that is really unbelievable. But we experience magic every day in homeopathy, and there will always be more things we don’t understand, and thank God for that.
The game of homeopathy is magic opposite to logic and how to find harmony between the two. The logical system is pattern recognition, the totality. The magic is the Strange, Rare and Peculiar. Every remedy has it’s SRP: that which is unexpected. In provings I don’t look for the substance signature but for the unexpected. Why does Marble produce ‘cats’, Chocolate ‘hedgehogs’, Helium ‘eagles’? Provings are magic, and the unexpected is the cherry on the cake,.

What did homeopathy bring you?

JS: Everything, it changed my whole life, it gave meaning, rescued me, feeds me, gives me joy every day. It is much more than a profession; it is a gift and a mission. I am extremely lucky that homeopathy found me: it is my life.

Do you have a vision or a message?

JS: My vision is big; I want to see homoeopathy achieving its rightful place in the world: that is why I’m in Africa, but it would be the same in Nepal, or in Alaska or Mongolia or South America. Homeopathy is the best medicine for the world, it can change life on the planet but there will always be a battle. I don’t think homeopathy is for everybody, you have to reach a certain level of consciousness to want homeopathy.
Africa is only one example and I don’t see it as my project, we are all in it together. I would summarize my vision in these four words: “as if one person”.