JostSchulteWhat is your most amazing experience?

Apart from witnessing my own cure unfolding, the most amazing experience was to realize that homeopathy is a method, which can cure disease in the way it was incorporated into the design of all creation, particularly humans. Observing that humans express their fundamental experience of disease as a distinct coherent pattern, now termed as the vital sensation, is in itself already most fascinating. Then to see Hahnemann’s findings holding true on this deep level in that there is a substance in nature whose effect on humans is not only similar to a collection of symptoms but also to this sensation, made it clear to me that homeopathy was meant to be a healing art by design. And that is most amazing!

What is your biggest homeopathic mystery?

How can the differences among homeopaths be overcome and more collaboration take place?

What did homeopathy bring to you?

As a patient, the profound experience that it can totally change for the better the way I perceive my situation (especially the problematic part of it). Later it became my fascination and joy to study it and at the same time in application the ideal way to pass on to others this amazing experience. As far as I can see now homeopathy is my true passion and will always be at the core of my endeavors.

Do you have a message?

To me, practicing homeopathy is equally a privilege and a responsibility. I think we should respect all different methods of practicing homeopathy and other healing modalities when carried out with the patient’s best interest at heart. However, as a homeopath I also see the need to maintain an ongoing development towards improvement of the method while staying true to proven principles (and not to individuals). What a challenge!