EXIF_IMGAfter seeing patients and lecturing at Mike Andrews place, my Walk took me to Bristol. On Friday there was the Education Day organized by Ian Hamilton and Linda Wicks, titled: “Sharing Good Practice”. Various speakers shared their experiences in short presentations after which interesting conversations followed. I mainly stressed the point that teaching homeopathy can’t be compared to anything else. In the CKH (Centre for Classical Homeopathy), which I established some 22 years ago, we have a circular curriculum and the clinical training is built up from paper cases, over video clips from known remedies to doing a live intake under supervision. And in the Master Classes and Master Apprentice courses I run, I try to come as close as possible to daily practice. Apprenticeship with coaching, comparable to the way art students are trained would be ideal but at the same time it is the most expensive and the hardest to get. On the other hand: quality never is achieved neither cheap nor quickly. I also got 15 minutes to explain my mission with the Walk for Homeopathy. After that I had the honor to be invited by Geoff Johnson to the Sensation group‘s meeting at Julie Geraghty’s place where I met Elisabeth Thompson, another ‘monument’ in the homeopathic world.

On the 20th the Society of Homeopaths had their yearly meeting, a 35 anniversary celebration with cake and drinks and an engaging lecture by Linda Mc Gwyneth in the morning.
For me it was a day  full of meeting new people and seeing  some familiar faces as well . Many people got to know of the Walk for the first time, though it was announced by the Hat and the ECCH but we all get so much information from everywhere that some might get lost by the bulk of it… People I talked to promised to spread the word. The fact that the Walk is now collecting donations for Carol Boyce’s new film on “Homeopathy on the Farm” will probably fuel enthusiasm by  the time I’ll be back for the second part of the UK walk in July (starting in Edinburg on the 7th). In the evening with a head still dazzling from all the talks, meetings, shaking hands, promises and plans, I had the pleasure to  have a meal with homeopaths who stayed in the same or nearby hotels.EXIF_IMG

On Sunday  my friend Louisa Lera, a homeopath for Nottingham, and I Started a walk in Wales at the Tintern Abbey in Wales where Ian Hamilton dropped us.  We followed the local footpath to Bristol. On the way countless daffodils, primroses, cherry blossoms, dandelions and violets made it clear I was spring at last.