During a beautiful walk along the banks of the river Avon from Bristol to Bath Louisa told about the narrow boats tied up there and how they were designed to save water in the narrow locks on the canals. And in the almost majestic city of Bath we could not not visit the famous Roman Baths, an extraordinary place! Before the romans built their temples and baths it was already an ancient sacred place around EXIF_IMGthe hot springs.

My next stop was Exeter where Peter Chappell, who currently lives in a nearby village in the countryside, waited for me. The sunny day was just perfect for all he planned to do with me: take me for a lunch at the banks of the river Ex, go for a walk in the fields, have high tea in a wonderful tea garden and then have a feel of Dartmoor in the late afternoon.  Needless to say that we discussed about us and the others, live and death, homeopathy and magic, believe systems and intelligence, higher consciousness, the situation in the world and everywhere else.

We continued this in the 12th century old pub with a good pub meal and the local cider.  Peter said he doesn’t read because he doesn’t want to be diverted from his path or his line of thought; I try to listen  read and talk with as many sources as possible in order to check my believe systems. In this stage of my Walk a lot of believe systems are challenged and called into question…. Maybe that is one of the reasons for the Walk. If you step out of your comfort zone of believes, meet other people and expose yourself to other ideas, it is risky an d refreshing at the same time.

The last day in the UK I walked a few hours in London, along the Thames, in SaInt-James Park . Not only was  it surprising to see nesting swans, herons and squirrels but even more to see pelicans in the heart of the city! Thousands of Narcissus Poeticus (of my top 100 favorite flowers) near the lake spread their sweet perfume in the spring breeze.
Behind the impressive Big Ben the Eye of London appeared. It recalled the trip I made with Aster, my granddaughter. She is the oldest and she didn’t change her birth right for a cup of lentil soup. When she was a few years old I promised to take her with me to England, as soon as her legs were strong enough.  Surprisingly she remembered that and asked me every now and then when we were going to England, despite the fact that she was too little to make the difference between Disneyland and England. Then I would feel her calves and say: ‘mmmm, not yet, your legs have to become a bit stronger. You have to be able to walk and to carry your rug sack yourself if you want to come with me’. When she was 4 her calves were checked: ‘not yet’. When she was 5 the same: ‘just a bit more.’ When she was 6 I felt her calves and said: ‘yes! Your legs are now strong enough and you can come with me’.  She could chose: plane, boat or train and she chose plane.  And off we went to London. But it wasn’t that time we visited the Eye of London: the first time our quest took us to Glastonbury to find the sacred Chalice Well and take a bottle of  the magical water home. But because we enjoyed each other’s company so much we decided to do this every three years. So I took her to England when she was 9 (looking for crop circles in Weird Wiltshire but too bad…!) and when she was 12 (when we visited the Eden project). This month of May she will be 15 and despite having a boyfriend recently she still want to spend a week with her grandmother. Combining it with the Walk she will fly in with me in Edinburgh the 7th of July for a week and I‘ll continue another week. Anyone who has a good tip for us to walk to or visit in that area … welcome!