There were only three days at home between my Walk in the UK and my early flight for Israel. Thursday I spent at the country house where my sweetheart lives. We found this quiet place after about two years of Sunday walks, because in Flanders there is hardly a quiet place left. 3300 m² of land, surrounded by fields and along an unpaved road with no electricity met our needs.EXIF_IMG
We rebuilt the bungalow with organic materials and made it into a very cozy place. Paul built a windmill, installed solar panels, we have two wells, a gas tanks for cooking, hot water and the fridge and we heat the place with a wood stove.
In between my work I stay there and do my gardening, my favorite form of relaxation. I love plants, I always did.
Where ever I could, I started to cultivate the garden with vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. This must be my fifth one now, if I don’t count the small gardens in the city where I rented a house.
This year there won’t be enough time to plant and maintain the vegetable garden, but I couldn’t refrain myself from sowing some lettuce, radishes, peas and salsifies. (because Paul likes them so much). Last time I put garlic and onions in the ground and now pumpkin, because –really- one can’t do without in winter time. And hopefully the strawberries and asparagus will manage without my care, as will the red and black currents, raspberries, blackberries and all the other fruits we have.
We had to wait a long time this year but finally the flower garden burst into color, and the blossoms finally opened this warm day. It was the first time this year we could eat outside.

Friday was booked with patients and Saturday I gave a day on Bird Remedies. Then  early to bed because the two alarm clocks were set at 5.30  tomorrow morning…