EXIF_IMGLooking at the numerous pictures of my Walk in Israel, the ones of Michal Yakir’s lovely garden deserve a special place. Rarely have I seen a garden that is so much an expression of its creator. Or is it rather that a gardener seldom succeeded so well in creating a splendid reflection of him- or herself.

Obviously Michal knows all her plants, trees and flowers and every single one is put in the right place with great attention and care. But me too, I know all my plants in my garden and take care of them but by no means is the result as charming and enchanting as Michal’s garden. EXIF_IMG

As I wrote before,  it ignites in me a desire to create a place that I can really call my own. For all kinds of reasons this never happened before, I tend to make the best of what at a particular time seems to be feasible and the best solution for all and everything.  As a matter of fact, the question: ‘what do I really want?’ didn’t even come up.

Michal’s garden conveys a message to me: that we should celebrate our uniqueness and expressing it to the maximum of our abilities. It’s the way to excitement, beauty and joy.  By doing so, It allows and encourages others to become more and more themselves and honors everybody’s uniqueness. EXIF_IMGMichal would call this the issue of the 6th column and the challenge of the next stage.