… I am bicycling.  (And yes, I admit: some people wrap their remedy around their steering wheel).

After driving a car for 7 years -some 20 years ago- I returned to my carless live which I enjoy much more. As I’ve always been a great fan of trains, the combination with a bicycle is evident; even more so because I live in a city where parking place is scarce and expensive. Still, bicycling is only for practical purposes: for shopping and getting somewhere fast. If I would I have the time, I‘d always and everywhere prefer to walk on foot.
In the future, when walking would become too difficult, the plan is to embark on famous train routes  all over the world (of which I’ve done the Trans-Siberian and Trans Mongolian express).
I remember my mother also hated sitting in a car and my father, who’d have taken his car to go to the toilet, used to say she’d better become a post deliverer instead of a pharmacist.
Can’t be but the definitive argument for epigenetics!