This trajectory of the Walk for Homeopathy takes me to Greece.
I’ve been in Greece several times before. Actually, the island of Lefkada was the first destination I’ve chosen to walk with the adventurous travel agency “Anders Reizen”. That was 30 years ago and it was my initiation in hiking: a first experience of complete contentment, vitality, wellbeing and sheer joy. It’s a feeling that ‘all is good’, one is ready to die at that moment. The slogan of this travel agency (for which I later became a mountain trekking guide) is: ‘Step into another World’ and it couldn’t have been more accurate. At least for me it opened a door to an -up to then- unknown world, a world which had to be explored. All descriptions and explanations fall short, only stepping into it will do. I think nowadays it would be minimized to something like a ‘runners high’ and explained by endorphin’s release. You know, the kind of rhetoric that creates ‘flatland’  (cfr. Ken Wilber) and makes one desire to throw himself of the nearest cliff.

Apart from the hiking initiation, I fell in love with Greece at the first sight. It is hard not to be charmed by its beauty, it’s ‘savoir vivre’ and the uniqueness of its light. When I first set foot on land, it was a third world country where people had never seen foreign visitors before, where children touched our cameras and begged for pens and candy. Later, Greece evolved into a modern society with its services and gadgets.
When we organized a homeopathic ‘Summer School’ in Lesbos a few years ago, we stayed in a place that was a refuge for depressed and burnout members of our ‘brave new world’. According to the newspapers now the Greeks themselves seem to have become victims of the same….

So, here I am, back to where it all begun: the walking and the delight of it, the love and the beauty. If I wouldn’t walk here as a part of the ‘Walk for Homeopathy’, then where?