Here are Carmel Karty‘s answers:

1. What is your most amazing/fantastic homeopathic experience?
Every case is fantastic for me, be it a suffering baby from ear inflammation or a young woman suffering from very painful andometriosis. Watching them getting better, day by day, walking along Hering Law – that’s amazing for me.

2. What is your biggest homeopathic mystery/enigma?
I am puzzled about the way Hahnemann discovered Homeopath.

3. What did homeopathy bring you?
Homeopathy is for me a way of living. Seeing the whole picture, using “like cures like” in in different situations.
Homeopathy brings me the opportunity to help people get better and do their destiny.

4. Do you have a vision or a message for the homeopathic community?
Do your homeopathy work with integrity, believe in what you are doing, and see diseases as an opportunity to understand what changes you need to do in life in order to be a better person.
I wish you believe that homeopathy is easy !!