Yesterday the decision of het minister of public Health in Belgium was announced in the media. The basic line is that only medical trained people will be allowed to practice homeopathy and they will have to use this title as follows: MD-homeopath, dentist-homeopath, midwife-homeopath.  It will be impossible to consult “a homeopath”, I mean a professional homeopath, who specializes in homeopathy, who is trained and skilled in homeopathy, who practices homeopathy.  This means people like me.

The main reason is that the minister is concerned about the people who look for homeopathic aid. She acknowledges that growing numbers of patients turn to homeopathy and lots of homeopaths are well trained medically but there seem to be irresponsible and dangerous homeopaths out there as well. And the minister wants to protect the public against them. This means protect them against people like me.

The minister says there are homeopaths out there without any medical background at all. They will have to apply in the coming 5 years for permission to continue their profession if they can show a certificate of some paramedical specialization: podology, physiotherapy, it doesn’t matter what as long as it smells a bit like medicine. Because some practitioners don’t know anything of all this.  She means people like me.

I wonder by whom my skills, knowledge, competences and capabilities are questioned, tested and found deficient. Who was the one, where was the committee that judged me and concluded that my knowledge and experience in homeopathy is inadequate and dangerous to the public? I haven’t seen or heard anybody. Nevertheless they forbid me to work now for the main reason that I am no dentist or midwife? Can anybody explain me the logic in this?

This text of the minister doesn’t come by surprise but what was happening behind the scene was too unbelievable to come true. It is no coincidence that the final conclusion of those meetings comes in full holiday period when half of the population is on holiday and won’t even know about it. If they do they won’t react from whatever country they are having their vacation and by the time they are back the momentum is gone.
But I still hope the public will react and ask for the freedom of choice concerning their own physical and mental health, because this is what I am walking for. Although nowadays with a heavy heart.