Aster and I decided to have a day off, go shopping in Falkirk, feed the squirrels in the park and then take the bus to the FIfe Coastal Path.  We stayed a night in Dunfermline and started walking from there along the coast. We followed the well signposted path and had a rest now and then on the sandy beaches. The weather was (again unusually) warm for Scotland: we didn’t expect at all to get sunburnt, or lose so many liters of sweat on this trip!
Back in Edinburg we decided to visit Roslyn Chapel, where a thrilling chapter of the Da Vinci Code takes place. Since the book and the movie in 2006, the numbers of visitors rose to 170.000 in summertime where on average they had 30.000 visitors over a complete  year. The whole chapel is overloaded with signs and symbols; it adds to the mystery of the place. Intriguing is the panel carved in stone of the 7 virtues and the 7 capital sins, where the sin ‘Greed’ is swapped with ‘Charity’. Up to now it is not explained or not clear if it is a little joke of the artist or if there is a deeper meaning to it. After we visited the museum on Sunday, Aster was to be put on the plane back home. She decided last minute that she wouldn’t need the accompanying we ordered and bravely waved me out at the security check. The whole week together passed by in a relaxed, calm atmosphere. She is a girl of little words, we’d call it: ‘a deep water’, but she says what she has to say. I think.  I wonder whether she would still like to come with me to England when she is 18. And I wonder what her memories of our 3 yearly week-in-the-UK will be.
I’ll remember it as a harmonious week without any false note.