As the end of the Walk for Homeopathy is nearing and we are preparing for the apotheosis and festive closure in Paris at Hahnemann’s grave, it is appropriate to take a moment and look back.

What strikes me is the shift in focus from ‘homeopathic activism’ to what I would call, an inner quest. Breaking with my routine and stepping out of the comfort zone, I exposed myself to many new situations, people and ideas. Having had more space and time for contemplation during walks or evenings alone and pushed by a threatening legal ban on the profession, impels one to question one’s values and actions.EXIF_IMG

The first question that comes up is how to position the Walk in the bigger picture. What made me go on a Walk? Why did I go? Did it have sense and meaning?  Did it serve its purpose?
Answers to these are clear and beyond any doubt.  As I followed a calling and a desire to be a spirit in action through example and effort in both deed and intention, I feel I fulfilled my mission and in doing so I was in alignment with the bigger plan. And really, that is the best place to be: the feeling that one is doing the right thing at the right moment in the right place.
Answers to other possible questions result from this. We sometimes need to look in another mirror to see more clearly what is happening; facts that might escape our attention in every day and repetitive situations.

Christel (especially) and I organized a festive closure for the Walk in Paris at Hahnemann’s tomb on my birthday, October the 15th. You probably have all seen the promo clip we made for that purpose?  Up to now some 35 people signed up to walk with me.  You’ll read all about it as we take off for the last time Thursday morning, with the rugsack and the Walk for Homeopathy flag strapped on it.

Will I go back to business as usual after that? Apart from the fact that the law summons us to close our practices by January 1st next year, the answer would have been ‘no’ anyway. The plan is to start somewhere else, anew, under another name.  The practice will specialize in remedies for the soul. Will it still be homeopathy? It sure will, because I feel I owe this to the gift that is given to me, but it will be enriched with the experiences from the Walk.
Countless people walked the Camino to Santiago the Compostella, each of them for a different reason, but nobody came home the same.
And this is exactly what the Walk for Homeopathy did. After this, things will not be the same.