These are Lone Lutzen’s answers

1) What is your most fantastic homeopathic experience?

The most fantastic homeopathic experience was after Jeremy Sheer talked about Adamas and I at home read the proving of Adamas. The next day when I was driving on the highway to the seminar I experienced the language of the remedy recalling times in my life and I was crying a lot and felt at big relief. The remedy helped me to come back to about 7 years of age. Other best experiences is when my clients are talking in the language of the giving remedy, it is so beautiful.

2) What is your biggest homeopathic mystery?

How to earn enough money from practising homeopathy

3) What did homeopathy bring to you?

It has giving me a glimpse of heaven  and many joyful hours and on the other side I have been in the deepest state of despair and had to find enough courage to face my deepest fear.

4) Do you have a message/vision for the homeopathic future/community?

We have to work together learn and share with each other, with respect for the individuality of each homeopath. And open our hearts to the language from the nature.