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The best of the Walk for Homeopathy (part two)


The best of the Walk for Homeopathy (part one)


The last leg of the Walk to Paris in pictures

Enjoy the song Sam, the Man, by Stephen Gordon at Hahnemann’s tomb in Paris


Closure of The Walk for Homeopathy

Here is the movie about our last destination on the Walk, at Hahnemann’s tomb in Paris. Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.28.12 AM

Last leg of the Walk for Homeopathy In France.


EXIF_IMGFor 6 days we followed a beautiful hiking trail to Paris where we arrived the evening of the 14th. On the last day of the Walk, some 28 people gathered in the Metro station and we started our finale trajectory through Paris, via the house where Hahnemann had his successful last years of practice to his tomb on the famous graveyard Père Lachaise. The ceremony started with a speech and a handing over of the flag of the Walk for Homeopathy to our founding father. Delegates from Belgium, Holland, the UK and Israel formulated wish and after leaving flowers and an eternal flame, Stephen Gordon sang a swinging Sam, the Man! And because it was my 61th birthday, there was of course champagne! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ceremony continued in the nearby hall The Next Step (!) where we showed the video with the ‘best off’ pictures and  gave the check with the 1750 euro of donations to Laurel Chiten supporting her in making her movie ‘Just one Drop’. This brings the total amount of donations given to different projects to almost 10.000 euro. Everybody got a little present as a symbol of the new beginning, which always follows the ending of the previous chapter. So; watch out for more news about the next steps and more detailed reports of the last part of the Walk.

Up to Paris, the city of light

The weather forecast was simply disastrous when we set out for the last route of the Walk in Saint–Jean–aux-Bois on the hiking trail GR12. And indeed the pouring rain in the afternoon urged us to call the rescue teams. Christel and her husband Jan had their van parked nearby and Jo, the husband of Katlijn who walked with me, was stand by with their mobile home. The second day started with some light rain but then sky cleared and we didn’t have a EXIF_IMGdrop of rain for the rest of the 4 following days. Meanwhile worried messages came in from Holland and Belgium: it rained so much they were virtually flooded. The weather plays an important role in such an undertaking as walking the year round. It’s easy to imagine the difference between walking in the early autumn woods that are illuminated with golden sunrays instead of bucketing rain. Continue reading “Up to Paris, the city of light”

Answer to the 4 questions by Lone Lutzen

These are Lone Lutzen’s answers

1) What is your most fantastic homeopathic experience?

The most fantastic homeopathic experience was after Jeremy Sheer talked about Adamas and I at home read the proving of Adamas. The next day when I was driving on the highway to the seminar I experienced the language of the remedy recalling times in my life and I was crying a lot and felt at big relief. The remedy helped me to come back to about 7 years of age. Other best experiences is when my clients are talking in the language of the giving remedy, it is so beautiful. Continue reading “Answer to the 4 questions by Lone Lutzen”

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